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The White Whale
Season: 7
Episode: 21
Original airdate: May 15, 2019
Written by: Andrea Newman
Michael Gilvary
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Try Like Hell
Next episode: I'm Not Leaving You


A serial arsonist cold case is reopened when Lt. Severide finds a connection to a recent salon fire. Firehouse 51 celebrates a retirement party.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Anthony Ferraris as Squad 3 Driver Tony Ferraris
  • Erin Breen as Captain Alexa Hubble
  • Jeanne T. Arrigo as Jodi LaPointe
  • Peter Goldsmith as Gavin Harkey
  • Miguel Morales as Dobbs
  • Armand Fields as Niya's Friend
  • Marco Tzunux as Aaron
  • Henry Walter Greenberg as Justin
  • Ramon Camin as Priest


Background information and Notes


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