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The Edge
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Original airdate: September 28, 2021
Written by: Derek Haas
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Pilot
Next episode: Secrets as Weapons


The International Fly Team is called on when a young mother flees to Hungary with her son, after losing partial custody of her son in the U.S. However, after the boy is kidnapped from his mother in broad daylight in Budapest, the team questions which parent is the danger in the child's life.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Stars

  • Jordan Belfi as Gary Milgrave
  • Lili Bordan as Katya Horvat
  • Cade Thomas Woodward as David Milgrave
  • Tom Morley as Lucas Robinson


  • Alex Brock as Anthony
  • Casey Braxton as District Attorney Mike Tompala
  • Miklós Olaszi as Drop-Off Father
  • Péter Jankovics as Park Goer
  • Martin Mészáros as Police Commander


  • Dick Wolf as Creator
  • Derek Haas as Creator
  • Dick Wolf as Executive Producer
  • Derek Haas as Executive Producer
  • Matt Olmstead as Executive Producer
  • Michael Katleman as Executive Producer
  • Arthur W. Forney as Executive Producer
  • Peter Jankowski as Executive Producer
  • Brooke Roberts as Co-Executive Producer
  • Wade McIntyre as Co-Executive Producer
  • Anastasia Puglisi as Supervising Producer
  • Craig McNeil as Producer
  • Alec Chorches as Producer
  • Ernesto Alcalde as Co-Producer
  • Roxanne Parades as Co-Producer
  • Jonathan Strauss as Co-Producer
  • Ildikó Kemény as Co-Producer
  • David Minkowski as Co-Producer
  • Ash Steele as Associate Producer
  • Attila Szalay as Director Of Photography
  • Michael Fleischer as Production Designer
  • Ash Steele as Editor
  • Atli Örvarsson as Music
  • Jonathan Strauss as Casting
  • Jenny Ravitz as Casting
  • Vicki Thomson as UK Casting
  • Katalin Baranyi as Hungarian Casting
  • Natalia Mejia as Executive Story Editor
  • Stuti Malhotra as Story Editor

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