Terry Miller

Terry Miller
Full Name: Terry Miller
Active: 1986-present
Role: Executive Producer
Show(s): Chicago P.D.

Terry Miller is an American director-producer.


Terry Miller has had a storied career since he received a film internship from Florida State University. The internship provided him a job as a production assistant on the film "Harry and Son," directed by Paul Newman. This opportunity got him work on the pilot for "Miami Vice," where he met and worked with Dick Wolf for the first time.

Miller was the assistant director on such films as "Lethal Weapon," "Die Hard," "Road House," "Lethal Weapon 2," "Die Hard 2" and "Action Jackson." He worked on "Terminator 2," "Cliffhanger" and "Ace Ventura" in that same capacity.

Following this he became co-producer and assistant director on "Canadian Bacon," which starred the late John Candy. Miller moved on to become associate producer/assistant director on "The Fantastics," "Two Days in the Valley" and "Blood and Wine," which starred Jack Nicholson.

Miller then transitioned to become unit production manager on a number of television shows and films, including "Sins of the City," Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday," "The Last Castle" and "Two Fast Two Furious." It was on "Two Fast Two Furious" that Miller met Derek Haas.

Miller began working as the unit production manager on "CSI: Miami" through 2004. He then took the role of executive product on "The Transporter 2." In 2007 he began working on "Burn Notice" as the line producer and moved up the ranks to producer on the first episode and in 2010 become an executive producer. He stayed with the series through eight seasons.

Miller joined "Chicago P.D." in 2014 as producer and now, in the fifth season, continues as an executive producer and director.

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