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Take a Knee
Season: 5
Episode: 18
Original airdate: April 4, 2017
Written by: Michael Brandt
Derek Haas
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Babies and Fools
Next episode: Carry Their Legacy


Casey discovers a new crack house on the block that is harboring a female junkie and goes to extreme measures to remedy the situation. Dawson and Brett get assigned a new trainee for the shift and the newbie gets the two in trouble when he surprises them during a harrowing call. Meanwhile, Severide gets an unexpected visit from his father, Benny, and Herrmann deals with family issues when his son Lee Henry gets into trouble at school.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Will Kiley as Harris Thornton
  • Peter Goldsmith as Kent Stevens
  • Bella Wholey as Chelsea Stevens
  • Danny Henriquez as Rojo
  • Anthony Ferraris as Squad 3 Driver Tony Ferraris
  • Sam Poretta as Paramedic Chief Karl Hatcher
  • David VonKampen as Lee Henry Herrmann
  • Abigail Mason as Trish
  • Fred Zimmerman as Mr. Leppert
  • Eddie Wright as Eddie Wright
  • Roland Parker as Veteran Speaker
  • James Fuller as Young Veteran
  • Mike Ooi as Manager
  • Maggie Cain as Nosy Neighbor
  • India Gurley as Cashier
  • Gabriel Patrick Sullivan as Teenager #1
  • Marissa Banker as Teenager #2
  • Anthony J. Harris as Teenager #3
  • Joseph Dunne as Toddler


Background information and Notes

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