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Season: 4
Episode: 23
Original airdate: May 17, 2016
Teleplay by: Michael Brandt
Derek Haas
Story by: Michael A. O'Shea
Ian McCulloch
Directed by: Michael Brandt
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Where the Collapse Started
Next episode: The Hose or the Animal


Boden and Jimmy find themselves at odds in dealing with the aftermath of recent events while Kidd is forced to deal with her unstable and volatile ex, Grant. With the help of firehouse 51, Dawson tries to put her best foot forward in her pursuit for fostering Louie. At the urging of Susan Weller, his new political consultant, Casey tends to his Alderman duties and leaves town with her to attend a three-day summit. Much to his surprise, Casey embraces his new role while Susan urges him to consider grander aspirations. Meanwhile, the house responds to a dangerous structure fire that puts one of their own in a desperate situation.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Anthony Ferraris as Squad 3 Driver Tony Ferraris
  • Steve Chikerotis as District Chief Steve Walker
  • Sam Poretta as Paramedic Chief Karl Hatcher
  • Deanna Reed-Foster as Tina Cantrell
  • Jared Fernley as Lieutenant Paul Ames
  • Darci Nalepa as Vanessa
  • Emily Tate as Stacy
  • Martin Yurek as Hanson
  • Will Kinnear as Marvin Katz
  • Nick Horst as Lt. Randolph
  • Ronnie Ray as FF Grimes
  • Billy Dec as FF Belzer
  • Kevin Lingle as Twigg
  • Jim Simon as Reynard
  • David Long as Kody
  • Frankie Layne as Sam
  • Aiden Cohen as Louie Keyes
  • Austin Cohen as Louie Keyes


Background information and Notes

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