Squad 3

City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Rescue Truck

Squad 3 is a CFD Rescue Truck that is stationed at Firehouse 51.

It is a 1989 Spartan Gladiator / 3D-Metals heavy rescue truck.


Rank Name Seasons assigned to Squad 3
Lieutenant Kelly Severide 1-
Driver Tony Ferraris 1-
Firefighter Harold Capp 1-
Firefighter Jose Vargas 1
Lieutenant Eric Whaley 1
Firefighter Kevin Hadley 1
Firefighter Jeff Clarke 2
Firefighter Peter Mills 2-3
Firefighter Rick Newhouse 2-3
Firefighter Tommy Welch 3
Firefighter Joe Cruz 3-
Firefighter Scott Rice 3
Captain Dallas Patterson 4
Firefighter Jason Kannell 5
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