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Sixty Days
Season: 5
Episode: 21
Original airdate: May 9, 2017
Written by: Michael Gilvary
Directed by: Sanford Bookstaver
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Carry Me
Next episode: My Miracle


Cruz finds himself in a bad spot when an off-duty incident begins to unravel, prompting Mouch to step in and offer help in hopes of avoiding serious consequences from the CFD. Casey goes head to head with a big politician to get his measure for first responders passed. Lt. Severide makes life difficult for newest team member Jason Kannell and Dawson gets an unexpected visit from her father.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Anthony Ferraris as Squad 3 Driver Tony Ferraris
  • Steve Haggard as Hanover
  • Frederick Williams as Alderman Trimble
  • Noel Dabu as Alderman Burdick
  • Jennifer Weigel as Melissa Brosh-McKenna
  • Robyn Scott as Landlady
  • Dan Brown as Bud
  • Brian Harlan as Dennis
  • Frank Farrell as Phil
  • Jamie Keeton as Man
  • Alexander Lane as SUV Driver
  • Dominic Guevara as Other Driver


Background information and Notes

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