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Signs of Violence
Season: 8
Episode: 11
Original airdate: April 7, 2021
Written by: Gwen Sigan
Directed by: Bethany Rooney
Episode chronology
Previous episode: The Radical Truth
Next episode: Due Process


A wellness check on a family reveals signs of foul play, and Detective Upton is determined to find the parents and young daughter. As she delves further into the troubled family dynamics, she reflects on her own childhood trauma.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Kelsey Brennan as Jessica Hartley
  • Shaya Harris as Annie Hartley
  • Rafael Cabrera as Alejandro Hermanez


  • Angie Shriner as Meyers
  • Chris Holder as Banks
  • Sean Davis as Patrolman Malcolm
  • Victor Holstein as Kurt Hartley
  • Dennis Schnell as Ray Clarton
  • Stella Grace Fitzgerald as Becca Clarton
  • Kyra Sorce as Zara
  • Todd Netherton as Man


Background information and Notes


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