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Short Squeeze
Season: 3
Episode: 13
Original airdate: May 11, 2021
Written by: Rick Eid
Joe Halpin
Directed by: Joanna Kerns
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Fathers and Sons
Next episode: Trigger Effect


When the CEO of a major brokerage firm is shot and killed while surrounded by protesters, the team looks into who had the most to lose from his company's perceived manipulations. Also, Scola's previous Wall Street career and the reasons he left come to light as the financial details of the case begin to unfold.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Dennis Kozee as Paul Winters
  • Stephanie Martignetti as Laura Davis
  • Paul Schaefer as Gunner Crenshaw
  • Joe Estlack as Peter Todd
  • Devon Caraway as Mrs. Plank
  • Jacqueline Emerson as Ava
  • Sonya Balsara as Nina
  • Christian Ryan as Trevor
  • Carolina Espiro as Detective Gates
  • Drew Morris as Uni
  • Isaiah Seward as SWAT Leader Dan
  • Jody Chang as Reporter One
  • Tisola Logan as Reporter Two
  • Sarah Swift as Reporter Three
  • Dave Murgittroyd as Protester One
  • Soraia Scicchitano as Protester Two
  • Sean Church-Gonzalez as Protester Three
  • Oraldo Austin as Protester Four
  • James Newman as Elliot Plank


  • Dick Wolf as Creator
  • Craig Turk as Creator
  • Dick Wolf as Executive Producer
  • Rick Eid as Executive Producer
  • Alex Chapple as Executive Producer
  • Arthur W. Forney as Executive Producer
  • Peter Jankowski as Executive Producer
  • Joe Halpin as Co-Executive Producer
  • Tamara Jaron as Co-Executive Producer
  • Tom Szentgyorgi as Co-Executive Producer
  • David Brownfield as Co-Executive Producer
  • Amanda Slater as Producer
  • Erica Meredith as Producer
  • Alec Chorches as Producer
  • Rachel Cates as Co-Producer
  • Andy Callahan as Co-Producer
  • Ryan Samul as Director Of Photography
  • Malchus Janocko as Production Designer
  • Ash Steele as Editor
  • Atli Örvarsson as Music
  • Jonathan Strauss as Casting
  • Claire DeMorest as Executive Story Editor
  • Kristy Lowrey as Executive Story Editor

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