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Robert Haywood
Name: Robert Haywood
Profession: Professor
Marital status: Divorced
Children: Sarah Reese (daughter)
Status: Incarcerated for murder
Portrayed by: Michel Gill
First episode: Med: Folie à Deux
Last episode: Med: Be My Better Half

Robert Haywood is a former college professor of Astrophysics and the father of Sarah Reese in Chicago Med.


Robert left Sarah and her mother around 20 years prior to his first appearance and had no contact with Sarah during that time. It is implied that Robert had a bad breakup with Sarah Reese's mother as Sarah claims that her mother warned her to stay away from her father.

Robert has an appointment with Dr. Daniel Charles as he requires a recommendation from Daniel for him to be placed on the heart transplant list. This is where he discloses that his daughter, Sarah, works at the hospital. Robert discloses to Dr. Charles that his reasoning for returning to Chicago and re-connecting with his daughter are selfish and mainly due to his ill health and financial situation (Folie à Deux).

After a scan of his brain, Dr. Charles consults with Dr. Samuel Abrams and Dr. Abrams presumes the scan is from one of Dr. Charles' criminal patients as he indicates that the scan suggests the patient is a psychopath. Dr. Charles decides to diagnose Robert with an anti-social disorder (Born This Way).

Robert goes on to have a successful heart transplant and while recovering he asks his daughter, Sarah, to collect some belongings from his home. Dr. Charles went with Sarah and noticed a photo of Robert and a missing girl. Dr. Charles had a package of articles of missing girls sent to him anonymously with Robert's name attached. This is when Dr. Charles first started to suspect that Robert may be responsible for the disappearances (Crisis of Confidence).

Robert convinces Sarah to allow him to stay with her while he is rehabilitating from his heart surgery instead of going to a cardiac care facility. Dr. Charles begins to question Robert about the missing girls but Robert collapses and appears to suffer from a heart attack (The Tipping Point). Dr Charles declares a "Code Blue" (Be My Better Half).


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