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Prove It
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Original airdate: October 1, 2013
Written by: Andrea Newman
Directed by: Tom DiCillo
Episode chronology
Previous episode: A Problem House
Next episode: Defcon 1


In the wake of Heather's incident, Lt. Casey is having a hard time handling his newfound responsibilities. Lt. Severide is on edge dreading the next attack from the firehouse's arsonist. Meanwhile, with Renee back from her mother's, Severide knows he has to confront her about his paternity suspicions. Elsewhere, Mouch begins his campaign for union president and Shay and Dawson feel that they need to get out more.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Randy Flagler as Firefighter Harold Capp
  • William Smillie as Kevin Hadley
  • Maura Kidwell as Amy
  • Jason Bradley as Husband
  • Dylan Saunders as Brother
  • Charlie Babbo as Ben Darden
  • John Babbo as Griffin Darden
  • Julie Greenberg as Evie
  • Paul Thomas as Big John
  • Kameron Cleveland as Colin
  • Sean Patrick Leonard as Truck Driver


Background information and Notes

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