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Peter Stone
Name: Peter Stone
Profession: Assistant District Attorney
Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Pitcher for Chicago Cubs
Assistant State's Attorney
Deputy Chief of Special Prosecutions Bureau, Chicago
Family: Benjamin Stone (father) (deceased)
Pamela Stone (sister) (deceased)
Status: Alive
Cause of departure: Resigned and joined the Manhattan District Attorney's Office after his father's death.
Portrayed by: Philip Winchester
First episode: P.D.: Justice
Last episode: Med: Speak Your Truth

Peter Stone was the Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutions Bureau in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office on Chicago Justice. He was a Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs but was forced to retire after he tore his UCL. After his father, Benjamin Stone, passed away, he became the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Special Victims Unit in Manhattan, New York.


Prosecutor Peter Stone, the ambitious Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutions Bureau. Relentless in his quest for justice, it's more than a job, it's a purpose. Son of renowned New York City District Attorney Ben Stone, Stone is shooting at a target that only he can see.



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