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Patrol Division
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for general field operations, including the protection of life and property; apprehension of criminals; and enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances.

The Patrol Division of the 21st District has many different types and models of Patrol Cars. The Ford Crown Victoria and the Chevrolet Impala are well represented among them.


Rank Name Seasons assigned to the Patrol Division
Desk Sergeant Pruitt Pilot
Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt 1-
Patrol Officer Nicole Sermons Pilot
Patrol Officer Jim Barnes Pilot
Patrol Officer John Elam Pilot
Police Officer Kevin Atwater Pilot-1 (Patrol Division)
2- (Intelligence Unit)
Police Officer Kim Burgess 1-4 (Patrol Division)
5- (Intelligence Unit)
Patrol Officer Sean Roman 2-3
Patrol Officer Julie Tay 4
Patrol Officer Mike Sorensen 4
Patrol Officer Dichter 2-