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One Chicago & FBI Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to information about the American television Chicago Franchise that airs on NBC and consists of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and Chicago Justice and the FBI Franchise that airs on CBS and consists of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International. This wiki is a database for these shows. The database will feature characters, actors, episodes and such. Any help on this wiki will be greatly appreciated. Please do follow the Wiki Rules when editing on this wiki. We have 1,495 pages and 2,656 files. This wiki is administrated by BattleshipMan and Wildrose-Wally.


Chicago Fire

The show that jump-started the Chicago franchise.

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Chicago P.D.

The Intelligence Unit does not pull punches, never will.

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Chicago Med

The charge nurse is the eyes, ears and brain of the ED.

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Chicago Justice

The prosecutors and investigators at the top of their game.

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Matthew Casey
Gabriela Dawson
Leslie Shay
Peter Mills
Sylvie Brett
Joe Cruz
Stella Kidd
Emily Foster
Blake Gallo
Darren Ritter
Gianna Mackey
Violet Mikami
Hallie Thomas
Wallace Boden

Hank Voight
Antonio Dawson
Hailey Upton
Adam Ruzek
Vanessa Rojas
Trudy Platt
Sean Roman
Sheldon Jin

April Sexton
Sarah Reese
Connor Rhodes
Ethan Choi
Crockett Marcel
Ava Bekker
Dean Archer
Dylan Scott
Stevie Hammer

Peter Stone
Antonio Dawson
Laura Nagel
Anna Valdez



The FBI uses all their skills to keep the country safe.

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FBI: Most Wanted

The Fugitive Task Force tracks the Most Wanted criminals.

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FBI: International

Follows the elite operatives of the FBI's International Fly Team.

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Maggie Bell
Omar Adom Zidan
Kristen Chazal
Stuart Scola
Dana Mosier

Kenny Crosby
Sheryll Barnes
Hana Gibson
Clinton Skye
Ivan Ortiz
Kristin Gaines

Cameron Vo
Katrin Jaeger
Andre Raines


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