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Merry Christmas, Etc.
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Original airdate: December 19, 2012
Written by: Michael Gilvary
Directed by: Steve Shill
Episode chronology
Previous episode: It Ain't Easy
Next episode: God Has Spoken


After putting out a kitchen fire in an upscale townhouse, Casey, Herrmann, Mouch, Cruz, Otis and Mills find themselves accused of stealing a $50,000 diamond necklace from the home, touching off an internal investigation. Cruz's brother Leon is caught in the middle of an escalating gang war, leaving Cruz to make a desperate choice to save him. Meanwhile, Dawson invites Casey to her cousin's fancy Christmas party, and a frustrated Shay has reached her limit with Severide.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Jeff Lima as Leon Cruz
  • Randy Flagler as Firefighter Harold Capp
  • William Smillie as Kevin Hadley
  • Jose Garcia as Flaco
  • J. Salome Martinez Jr. as Gang Unit Detective
  • Namir Smallwood as James
  • Laura Escobar as Young Mother
  • Nicholas Harazin as Officer Mahoney
  • Pete Kelly as Police Sergeant
  • Christopher Meister as Detective #1
  • Jonathan Keaton as Eyewitness
  • Ian McLaren as Renee's Assistant
  • Abu Ansari as Man In Uniform
  • Emily Peterson as Guest


Background information and Notes

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