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Season: 1
Episode: 5
Original airdate: January 5, 2016
Written by: Jeffrey Drayer
Directed by: Nick Gomez
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Mistaken
Next episode: Bound


Following a knife attack, a member of the team lies in peril and their condition takes a sudden turn for the worse, leaving Dr. Connor Rhodes and Dr. Samantha Zanetti scrambling to race against the clock. Word quickly spreads that some of Connor's fellow doctors feel he should have operated sooner, causing tension at the hospital. Dr. Natalie Manning makes preparations for her pregnancy and Nurse April Sexton's brother struggles through his first day at the hospital. Meanwhile, members of the Chicago P.D. Intelligence Unit help investigate whether the case of a women clinging to life after Firehouse 51 pulled her out of a burning building is attempted suicide or murder. As the investigation deepens, a surprising parallel to other patients surfaces.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Bria Cloyd as Nikki
  • Jeremy Shouldis as Doctor Marty Peterson
  • Lorena Diaz as Nurse Doris
  • Alex Weisman as Paramedic Allen Chout
  • Mia Park as Nurse Beth Cole
  • Camille Robinson as Nurse Tanya Lang
  • Amanda Marcheschi as Nurse Dina Garston
  • Gordon Chow as Nurse Anthony
  • Chernise Yvette Taylor as Anesthesia Tech
  • Caitlin Chuckta as Tour Guide
  • Barton Fitzpatrick as GSW Patient
  • Thea Camara as Irma
  • Mercita DeMonk as Carol
  • Natalie Meyer as Jessica


Background information and Notes

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