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Love Hurts
Season: 2
Episode: 23
Original airdate: May 11, 2017
Teleplay by: Diane Frolov
Andrew Schneider
Story by: Diane Frolov
Andrew Schneider
Gabriel L. Feinberg
Directed by: Michael Waxman
Episode chronology
Previous episode: White Butterflies
Next episode: Speak Your Truth


A new hotshot doctor arrives at Chicago Med causing competition for Dr. Rhodes. Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning work together to diagnose a Syrian refugee without a medical record. When Robin is admitted back into the hospital for more complications, Dr. Reese takes a different approach to her treatment. Distracted from work because of Robin's worsening case, Dr. Charles is challenged by Goodwin and Noah hosts a graduation party that brings everyone together.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Paola Sanchez Abreu as Sammie Sullivan
  • Stephanie Quirk as Morgan
  • Emily Lane as Christina Bayliss
  • Michael Fry as Don Crocker
  • Shiri Aljadeff as Doctor Leah Bardovi
  • Jeremy Shouldis as Doctor Marty Peterson
  • Courtney Rioux as Paramedic Courtney
  • Cesar Jaime as Paramedic Cesar
  • Lorena Diaz as Nurse Doris
  • Tonray Ho as Nurse Leah
  • Casey Tutton as Nurse Monique Lawson
  • Karissa Murrell Myers as Nurse Candace Leighton
  • Salim Jabali as Marwan Haddad
  • Anira Turney as Amira Haddad
  • Paul Farahvar as Karam Haddad
  • Naïma Hebrail Kidjo as Paramedic Naïma
  • Tasha Anne James as Nurse Patty
  • Tod Kent as Radiologist Taylor Stafford
  • James Barbee as Waiting Patient
  • Paula Anglin as April's Mom
  • Bobbin Bergstrom as X-Ray Tech
  • Curlie Curry as Nurse Curlie


Background information and Notes

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