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Law of the Jungle
Season: 6
Episode: 11
Original airdate: February 1, 2018
Written by: Michael A. O'Shea
Directed by: Reza Tabrizi
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Slamigan
Next episode: The F is For


After responding to a time-sensitive rescue, Casey and Severide don't see eye to eye on the best course of action. Herrmann struggles to entertain his daughter on "bring your child to work day." Brett is joined by a surprise guest during a spa getaway, courtesy of Dawson, while Kidd's social life gets a boost.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Anthony Ferraris as Squad 3 Driver Tony Ferraris
  • Tim Bensch as Sheriff's Deputy Folkes
  • Amanda Calabrese as Annabelle Herrmann
  • Jeff Garretson as Hazmat Expert
  • Poppy Golland as Jocelyn
  • Marcus Martin as Deputy Darin Keefe
  • Robert Andrew Bacon as Victim
  • Evan Bruce as Employee
  • Michael Braxton II as Driver
  • Nicole Bush as Margaret


Background information and Notes

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