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It's All in the Family
Season: 5
Episode: 6
Original airdate: October 30, 2019
Written by: Safura Fadavi
Meridith Friedman
Directed by: Nicole Rubio
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Got a Friend in Me
Next episode: Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings


Dr. Manning's actions with a recent patient lead to serious repercussions. April and Noah disagree over a patient who is injured after a beating. Dr. Charles is visited by a childhood friend with a surprising revelation.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Casey Tutton as Nurse Monique Lawson
  • Lorena Diaz as Nurse Doris
  • Tonray Ho as Nurse Leah
  • Melissa Canciller as Trauma Nurse Melissa
  • T. Pharaoh Muhammad as John Bridges
  • Dianne B. Shaw as Linda Bridges
  • Grant Kennedy Lewis as David Bridges
  • Gavin Murphy as Lucas Harper
  • C. Anthony Jackson as Security Guard Earl
  • Courtney Rioux as Paramedic Courtney
  • Desmond Gray as Paramedic Desmond
  • Elena Marisa Flores as Officer Rosado
  • Anthony De Jesus as Angel
  • Mynor Luken as Mike
  • Peter DeFaria as Officer Tackett
  • Timothy T. Harris as Officer Bedard
  • Chantel D. Fernandez as Female Attacker #1
  • Manya Silver as Female Attacker #2
  • Eddie J. Fernandez Jr. as Male Attacker #1


Background information and Notes


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