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This article is about Invisible, the FBI episode. You may be looking for the FBI: Most Wanted episode.
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Original airdate: March 12, 2019
Written by: Joe Halpin
Directed by: Charles S. Carroll
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Scorched Earth
Next episode: Apex


When the daughter of a wealthy family is kidnapped in an attempt to gain notorious internet fame, Maggie and OA discover the kidnapper’s plans go far beyond abduction in order to never be forgotten.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Benjamin Chase
  • George R. Sheffey as Mr. Musk
  • Olivia Nikkanen as Elizabeth Chase
  • James Chen as Ian Lim
  • Tara Westwood as Margaret Chase
  • Kevin T. Collins as Carl


  • Dominique Allen Lawson as Greg
  • Barbara Tirrell as Angela Bates
  • Ann Sanders as Charlie's Mother
  • Robert Michael Johnson as Charlie's Father
  • Adaku Ononogbo as Female Doctor
  • Derek Hedlund as Special Agent JT
  • Melissa Joyner as FBI Agent
  • Mark McKinnon as SWAT Operator
  • Anzi Debenedetto as Charlie Jacobs
  • Peter Scattini as Sam Musk
  • Kyoko Dole as Paparazzi #1
  • Luis Patino as Paparazzi #2


Background information and Notes


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