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In Your Care
Season: 8
Episode: 5
Original airdate: February 3, 2021
Written by: Gwen Sigan
Directed by: Charles S. Carroll
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Unforgiven
Next episode: Equal Justice


The team investigates a rash of car jackings and finds the truth is more complicated than they realize. Burgess makes a discovery about a previous case that will change her life forever.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Matt Gomez Hidaka as Miguel Reyes
  • Ramona Edith Williams as Makayla Ward


  • Adenike Thomas as Alanah Mercer
  • Nora Caroll as Kathy Ward
  • Lydia Berger Gray as Jessica Ramirez
  • Tony Castillo as Witness
  • Jay Reeves Montgomery as Jeff Trubin
  • Jessica Little as Tania
  • Mel Roberson as Homicide Detective
  • Elena Marisa Flores as Officer Rosado
  • Vincent Kracht as Troy Wrightman
  • Tafadzwa Diener as Paramedic #1
  • Manny Sevilla as Worker
  • Orion Lay-Sleeper as Clerk
  • Wendi Bazar as Owner
  • Ben Marten as Kehoe


Background information and Notes


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