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Season: 1
Episode: 2
Original airdate: November 24, 2015
Written by: Stephen Hootstein
Directed by: Fred Berner
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Derailed
Next episode: Fallback


As Doctor Ethan Choi treats a bleeding teenage girl, he discovers she's just given birth, sparking a frantic search for her abandoned baby. When the details of the teen's troubled past emerge, Ethan finds himself at odds with pediatrician Doctor Natalie Manning and hospital administrator Sharon Goodwin as they're forced to make some difficult decisions about the teen's future. Doctor Will Halstead treats a hypochondriac with chest pains while struggling to navigate his overbearing wife. Meanwhile, med student Sarah Reese and psychiatrist Doctor Daniel Charles treat a patient suffering from dementia, only to discover she may not have dementia at all.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Thomas Kelly as Doug
  • Aemilia Scott as Jenna
  • Cydney Moody as Tara
  • Lorena Diaz as Nurse Doris
  • Sarah Charipar as Doctor Deirdre Grant
  • Philip Earl Johnson as Doctor Czerny
  • Yelena Shmulenson as Doctor Rea Movitt
  • Amy J. Carle as Doctor Olga Patchefsky
  • Jodi Kingsley as Madeline Gastern
  • John Byrnes as Brent
  • Erin Noel Grennan as Neonatal Nurse Campbell
  • Vahishta Vafadari as Med Student
  • Armando Reyes as Chauffeur


Background information and Notes

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