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Gaffney Chicago Medical Center
Location: 1620 West Harrison Street
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Hospital
Show(s): Chicago Med

Gaffney Chicago Medical Center is a public hospital and a Level 1 trauma center. Gaffney's state-of-the-art emergency center is designed not only to better serve patients and families during emergency visits, but to meet the needs of the Chicago area in the event of a disaster. The center has a hybrid operating room that provides an unprecedented level of readiness for large-scale health emergencies, such as a mass outbreak or a terrorist attack. It also operates daily as an emergency room. Gaffney also has a excellent heart center providing care to patients from a variety of specialty areas, including cardiothoracic surgery and transplantation. Recently the Dayton Corporation donated the O.R. 2.0 to the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. the O.R. 2.0 platform integrates robotics, immersive computing, advanced sensory detection, artificial intelligence, all to make the most challenging and complex surgeries viable.

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