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Season: 1
Episode: 1
Original airdate: March 1, 2017
Written by: Michael S. Chernuchin
Directed by: Donald Petrie
Episode chronology
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Enormous tragedies make career cases. You win this one, it could make your career. But you lose, it could destroy mine.


Firehouse 51 responded to a horrific warehouse fire that killed 39 people. This led the Chicago P.D. on a manhunt for the suspect. Now with someone in custody for both arson and multiple murders, it is up to Peter Stone and his team, including lead investigator Antonio Dawson to step in to bring some peace and resolution to so many families and friends of those lost - including one very close to home. When the team comes face to face with a hotshot attorney, they find themselves up against a dicey confession, incriminating evidence, and a questionable motive.


Main Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Jazlyn Yoder as Tamra Collins
  • Thom McCloud as James Oates
  • Grace Ransom as Chloe Phillips
  • Anne-Stark Gallagher as Mrs. Collins
  • Ari Khatib as Reporter #1
  • Nick Freed as Reporter #2
  • Cynthia Abernathy as Gallery Member #1
  • Matthew Quentin Fahey as Gallery Member #2
  • Katie Caussin as Court Clerk


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