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Engine 51
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Fire Truck
Show(s): Chicago Fire

Engine 51 is a CFD Fire Truck that is stationed at Firehouse 51.

It is a 1995 Spartan Metro Star / Luverne pumper with a 1500 US gpm pump and a 500 US gallon water tank. It carries water and a compliment of hoses and other equipment used in fire suppression.


Rank Name Seasons assigned to Engine 51
Lieutenant Spellman 2
Lieutenant Paul Colannino 5
Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann 7-
Lieutenant Greg Grainger 9 (temporary assignment)
Engine Firefighter Mickey Barnes 7
Engine Firefighter Darren Ritter 7-
Engine Firefighter Mike Doherty 7-
Engine Firefighter Clarence Norwood 8-
Engine Firefighter Scheller 10-