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Down by Law
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Original airdate: February 27, 2018
Written by: Stephen Hootstein
Safura Fadavi
Directed by: Michael Waxman
Episode chronology
Previous episode: On Shaky Ground
Next episode: Folie à Deux


After witnessing a drive-by shooting and hitting her head, Dr. Manning struggles with the aftermath of a head injury. Complicating matters, she and Dr. Halstead deal with a teenage patient and her overbearing older husband, who might not be looking out for his young wife's best interests. Dr. Rhodes finds himself in a unique situation when he learns alarming information about the woman he went on a date with. Maggie is surprised to discover some unexpected things about the man she has been seeing. Dr. Charles is frustrated when Dr. Reese disobeys his orders and puts herself at risk.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Courtney Rioux as Paramedic Courtney
  • Cesar Jaime as Paramedic Cesar
  • Casey Tutton as Nurse Monique Lawson
  • Gail Shapiro as Nurse Belinda Hughes
  • Tonray Ho as Nurse Leah
  • Patricia Kane as Nurse Sandra Kent
  • Adithi Chandrashekar as Psych Nurse Kayla Bryant
  • Travis A. Knight as Patrolman Bobby Price
  • James Errico as Teddy Dimilio
  • Brooke Toliver as Erica
  • Shariba Rivers as Rehab Nurse Simone Brades
  • Dana King as Marquis White
  • Christie Tate as Maria


Background information and Notes

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