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Season: 1
Episode: 4
Original airdate: October 16, 2018
Written by: Brian Anthony
Directed by: Arthur W. Forney
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Prey
Next episode: Doomsday


Special Agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan rush to track down an active sniper with an elusive motive as the body count continues to rise.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Krista Braun as Susan Poe
  • Michael C. Williams as Cole Cooper
  • Brian Avers as Samuel Ott
  • Tim Johnson Jr. as Kofi Seifu
  • David Lee Russek as NYPD Lieutenant Danny Watts
  • Rayan Lawrence as NYPD Sergeant Eric Winslow


  • Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Adam Gantry
  • Bonnie Black as Heidi Wagner
  • Thomas Benton as Tom Wagner
  • Jimmy Palumbo as Vincent
  • Michael Schantz as Walter Moss
  • Matthew Decapua as Roland Poe
  • Sagar Kiran as ERT Tech Roman Isco
  • Jennean Farmer as NYPD Officer
  • Aaron Walker as NYPD Rep
  • Alejandra Rivera Flavia as Shana Torres
  • Kyle W. Brown as Suffolk Cop
  • Anthony Mecca as Security Guard Arnold Calhoun
  • Jillian Kuhl as Emily


Background information and Notes


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