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Season: 1
Episode: 9
Original airdate: April 16, 2017
Written by: Michael S. Chernuchin
Allison Intrieri
Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Lily's Law
Next episode: Drill


When Abigail Chapman returns from Spain after being acquitted for murdering her boyfriend while studying abroad, she finds herself the prime suspect in another murder case involving a young college student. During the trial of the real killer, the Second Amendment is put to the test.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Richard Masur as Defense Attorney Bannon
  • Anna Friedman as Bethany Pierson
  • Cathryn Dylan as Abigail Chapman
  • Chris Payne Gilbert as Professor Hall
  • Penelope Walker as Judge
  • Tim Decker as Mr. Malloy
  • Sarah Denison as Mrs. Chapman


  • Peter DeFaria as Officer Tackett
  • Brocki Murphy as Judge Tammy Windham
  • Dina Dicostanzo as Francis Harrison
  • Will Lidke as Todd Mitchell
  • Alejandro Ortiz as Paul Sanchez
  • Jack Decesare as Brad
  • Karen Isabel Rodriguez as Natalie
  • Cera Naccarato as Stacy Boyd
  • Kevin Sciretta as Cristo
  • Kyra Jones as Margo Tillerman
  • Sam Walt Jones as Eric
  • John Fenner Mays as Beefy Dude
  • Julie Dutchak as Clerk
  • Madelyn Loehr as Kennedy Malloy


Background information and Notes

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