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Chicago P.D. (Season 6)
Episodes: 22
Network: NBC
Original run: September 26, 2018 - May 22, 2019
Season chronology
Previous season: Season 5
Next season: Season 7
One City. One Family. One Night.

–Chicago P.D. Season 6 tagline

Chicago P.D. season 6 premiered on September 26, 2018 and concluded on May 22, 2019 on NBC.

Det. Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and his Intelligence team have always considered rules to be guidelines more than actual laws. Their goal has always been to protect their great city and they have used unique ways to help bring criminals to justice. Now, it's a new day and age in Chicago. Police are under siege and under a microscope - everyone from the federal government to politicians and citizens in their own city is watching. The Intelligence team will feel the pressure, and their form of justice will be questioned and challenged.

Today, Chicago is a unique place to be part of a police department. Political and social agendas play key roles in how police function. Racial tensions, the agendas of individual politicians, new federal regulations and other issues will be addressed this season. With police reform in full swing, the team is going to be forced to find new ways to achieve their ultimate goal: justice.

The cast includes Jason Beghe, Jon Seda, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick John Flueger, Marina Squerciati, LaRoyce Hawkins, Amy Morton, and Tracy Spiridakos. Anne Heche is a recurring guest star.


Main Cast and Characters

Crossover Guest Stars

Recurring Guest Stars

Recurring Co-Stars

  • Christopher Meister as Assistant State's Attorney Tom Lake (3)
  • Sean Michael Sullivan as Bomb Squad Tech Charles Lang (2)
  • Sam Pearson as Jason Rizzo (2)
  • Karin McKie as Copa Representative (2)
  • Jimmy Caruso as Patrolman (2)
  • Cisco Cotto as Reporter (2)


Image Episode Summary Airdate
Cp0601.jpg 6.01 (#107)
New Normal
Bad heroin is causing overdoses in Chicago, and Intelligence is a man down with Voight suspended. September 26, 2018
Cp0602.jpg 6.02 (#108)
After discovering the true cause of the high-rise fire, Intelligence races to find the man responsible. October 3, 2018
Cp0603.jpg 6.03 (#109)
Bad Boys
Politics get in the way as the team tries to rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by a robbery crew. October 10, 2018
Cp0604.jpg 6.04 (#110)
Ride Along
A ride along goes sideways, and Burgess is faced with a difficult choice: follow the advice of Voight, or a potential new ally. October 17, 2018
Cp0605.jpg 6.05 (#111)
Fathers and Sons
While undercover, Ruzek discovers his father is working for a suspected drug dealer and is forced to ask the question: is his dad involved? October 24, 2018
Cp0606.jpg 6.06 (#112)
True or False
The wife of an alderman is beaten to death, and Voight is under pressure from Deputy Superintendent Brennan to close the case. October 31, 2018
Cp0607.jpg 6.07 (#113)
Intelligence suspects the leader of a local mosque is behind the bombing of an Army recruitment station. November 7, 2018
Cp0608.jpg 6.08 (#114)
Black and Blue
Atwater faces a tough choice between doing what's required to solve the murder of a young dealer and what's best for the community. November 14, 2018
Cp0609.jpg 6.09 (#115)
In an attempt to dig himself out of a hole and save someone close to him, Antonio crosses a line that puts the entire team at risk. December 5, 2018
Cp0610.jpg 6.10 (#116)
Voight and Ruzek lock horns over how to handle the aftermath of the Antonio situation. January 9, 2019
Cp0611.jpg 6.11 (#117)
When a defense attorney is murdered after a fundraiser, Intelligence must confront the world of campaign finance. January 16, 2019
Cp0612.jpg 6.12 (#118)
While chasing a heroin supplier, CPD crosses paths with a convicted criminal recently released on a technicality. January 23, 2019
Cp0613.jpg 6.13 (#119)
Night in Chicago
Atwater goes undercover to bring down the longtime head of a criminal enterprise and becomes entangled in a situation that tests his allegiances as well as his conscience. February 6, 2019
Cp0614.jpg 6.14 (#120)
Ties That Bind
The team travels to a Wisconsin gun show to take down a supplier who's manufacturing "cop killer" machine guns. February 13, 2019
Cp0615.jpg 6.15 (#121)
Good Men
Using information from Chicago Fire's Cruz, Intelligence chases down the robbery crew that's been using the lockbox key. February 20, 2019
Cp0616.jpg 6.16 (#122)
The Forgotten
Voight's "stay out of politics" stance is challenged as Intelligence uncovers the details surrounding a prolific serial killer. February 27, 2019
Cp0617.jpg 6.17 (#123)
Pain Killer
A mayoral candidate is shot by an unidentified sniper, and CPD races to catch the shooter before he can take out his next target. March 27, 2019
Cp0618.jpg 6.18 (#124)
This City
With the threat of a gang war looming, Voight and Ray Price must organize a peace summit to end the bloodshed before more innocent people get hurt. April 3, 2019
Cp0619.jpg 6.19 (#125)
What Could Have Been
Intelligence's investigation into the murder of Burgess' boyfriend threatens to reveal a dark side she was unaware of. April 24, 2019
Cp0620.jpg 6.20 (#126)
A violent crew is hitting pharmaceutical delivery trucks and stealing drugs, but their motivation is more complicated than just money. May 8, 2019
Cp0621.jpg 6.21 (#127)
Antonio struggles with his guilty conscience as he tries to take down a major drug dealer. May 15, 2019
Cp0622.jpg 6.22 (#128)
With Kelton's election all but assured, Voight and his team must go off book in a last-ditch effort to save Intelligence from getting axed. May 22, 2019

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