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Chicago Fire (Season 9)
Episodes: 16
Network: NBC
Original run: November 11, 2020 - May 26, 2021
Season chronology
Previous season: Season 8
Next season: Season 10
Together We Are Stronger.

–Chicago Fire Season 9 tagline

Chicago Fire season 9 premiered on November 11, 2020 and concludes on May 26, 2021 on NBC.

The family inside Firehouse 51 knows no other way than to lay it all on the line for each other. Capt. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) leads the Truck Company and brash Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) runs the Rescue Squad.

The firehouse also includes Battalion Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), a fireman's fireman. As chief of 51, Boden keeps his house running smoothly and his firefighters prepared to overcome all adversity. Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) returns alongside seasoned veterans Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and Randy "Mouch" McHolland (Christian Stolte), as well as resourceful firefighter Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo).

Completing the team is dependable squad member Joe Cruz (Joe Miñoso), daredevil Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), engine newbie Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri) and the newest addition, paramedic Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae).


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Image Episode Summary Airdate
Cf0901.jpg 9.01 (#180)
Rattle Second City
Firehouse 51 welcomes a new member to the team. Brett’s leadership shines during a scary call. Boden sees great potential in Kidd and proposes an idea that could have lasting repercussions. November 11, 2020
Cf0902.jpg 9.02 (#181)
That Kind of Heat
Brett and Mackey find their lives in peril. Severide chases a memory while Kidd adeptly solves a firehouse problem. Ritter puts himself in harms way during a harrowing call. November 18, 2020
Cf0903.jpg 9.03 (#182)
Smash Therapy
A mishap on the aerial ladder in the midst of a fire rescue leaves Mouch shaken and questioning his abilities. Kidd looks for support from Severide while Casey and Brett discuss their future. January 13, 2021
Cf0904.jpg 9.04 (#183)
Funny What Things Remind Us
Gallo is forced to make a surprise rescue to one of their own when the firehouse is called to the site of a construction explosion. Mouch reignites an old feud. January 27, 2021
Cf0905.jpg 9.05 (#184)
My Lucky Day
When Firehouse 51 is called to the scene of a dangerous blaze inside a 10-story storage unit, Herrmann and Cruz find themselves trapped inside a freight elevator with all communications cut off. February 3, 2021
Cf0906.jpg 9.06 (#185)
Blow This Up Somehow
Gallo makes a split-second decision during a dangerous fire rescue leaving Casey steaming that his direct orders were not obeyed. Kidd feels a strain in her relationship with Severide. February 10, 2021
Cf0907.jpg 9.07 (#186)
Dead of Winter
A fire at a homeless encampment leaves Severide and Casey searching for answers. Cruz is shaken up after a close call. Ritter lends a helping hand to a victim. February 17, 2021
Cf0908.jpg 9.08 (#187)
Escape Route
A call to a familiar location brings back mixed emotions for Severide. Herrmann heads out for a vacation. Casey is not thrilled with his replacement. March 10, 2021
Cf0909.jpg 9.09 (#188)
Double Red
Mouch, Gallo, Ritter and Mackey report for training. A nasty blow to the head brings Casey unimaginable pain. March 17, 2021
Cf0910.jpg 9.10 (#189)
One Crazy Shift
A series of suspicious fires sends 51 on a search for the cause. Casey continues down a troubling path. Mouch is looking to make his long-awaited dream come true. March 31, 2021
Cf0911.jpg 9.11 (#190)
A Couple Hundred Degrees
A new recruit with ties to the CFD tests Serveride's patience. Violet receives a mysterious note that sends her and Brett on a hunt for the person who wrote it. April 7, 2021
Cf0912.jpg 9.12 (#191)
Natural Born Firefighter
While Mouch makes an incredible save, all eyes are on a mystery man who helped save his neighbor. Casey worries about his future at the CFD. April 21, 2021
Cf0913.jpg 9.13 (#192)
Don't Hang Up
A mysterious caller who is in danger relies on Kidd to help save her and her brother. The firehouse helps Cruz get ready for fatherhood. May 5, 2021
Cf0914.jpg 9.14 (#193)
What Comes Next
A fire breaks out at a pet food factory and Casey and Severide help the owner, Pete, get to the bottom of it. The annual garage sale takes place at 51 and everyone is on edge. May 12, 2021
Cf0915.jpg 9.15 (#194)
A White-Knuckle Panic
Severide and Casey try to find the best fit for Kidd. Ritter, Gallo and Violet help plan an event for Mouch. May 19, 2021
Cf0916.jpg 9.16 (#195)
No Survivors
The firehouse reacts to some exciting news, a mysterious stranger arrives and a shocking call takes Severide’s breath away. May 26, 2021

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