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Brittany Baker
Name: Brittany Baker
Place of birth: Tallahassee
Profession: Graphic Artist
Family: Kathleen Baker (sister) (deceased)
Marital status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Kelly Severide (ex-husband)
Status: Alive
Cause of departure: Moved away
Portrayed by: Serinda Swan
First episode: Fire: Madmen and Fools
Last episode: Fire: Arrest in Transit

Brittany Baker was the ex-wife of firefighter Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire.


Severide goes on a trip to Vegas and is playing craps when Brittany walks by. He asks her to stay for new girl luck. She scoffs but sticks around. Severide wins after rolling several hard 8s and they kiss. They got married in Vegas during his weekend getaway.

She comes to visit Severide at the firehouse and brings a huge box of donuts claiming that she's heard when you come visit the firehouse "come knocking with your elbows". She admits that it sounds crazy, getting married in Vegas but says it feels right.

She tells Severide she told her mum about the wedding and her mum cried. Severide offered to fly her mum up to Chicago and have a little reception for family. She zones out when Severide mentions family.

She moves in with Severide to Casey and Dawson's apartment with nothing but the bag she packed for Vegas.

In Chopper, she rushes to the scene in a panic as she haven't heard back from Severide. Chief tells her to stand back behind the line. 

They get into a fight back at the apartment but makes up. Severide learns about her sister that died in an accident several months ago named Kathleen.


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