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Big Friends, Big Enemies
Season: 4
Episode: 4
Original airdate: October 12, 2016
Written by: Gwen Sigan
Directed by: Rohn Schmidt
Episode chronology
Previous episode: All Cylinders Firing
Next episode: A War Zone


When a car plows through a crowd of concert goers and gunfire erupts, Lindsay and Ruzek are on the scene. Unsure of the motive and concerned a terrorist group may be responsible, Voight orders in Homeland security, customs and the F.B.I. to assist. At the same time, Burgess spots Atwater's brother, Jordan, out where he shouldn't be. The team use their connections to throughout the city to bring some peace to the community before more blood is shed.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Al'Jaleel McGhee as Bird
  • Messiah Equiano as Mark "Markey" Caines
  • Opal Staples as Moira Kenton
  • Eugene Parker as Joe Kenton
  • Jose Joey Abril as Mal
  • Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson as Jordan Atwater
  • Zoe Ishmael as Vinessa Atwater
  • Jimmy Pennington as Greg Penley
  • James Farruggio as John Morin
  • Jasmine Bracey as Jovanna
  • Ahmir Elijah as Bryant
  • Samantha Pauly as May
  • Skyler Adams as Nick
  • Yung Sirc as TK Ice
  • Rich Holton as Corey
  • Jason Tolliver as Southside Shot-Caller
  • Jeremiah Garcia as Alex Santos
  • Eibur Stepney-Manuel as Grandmother


Background information and Notes

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