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Battalion 25
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Battalion
Show(s): Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire Department is organized into 5 Districts, which command a total of 24 Battalions and a Special Operations Battalion. A Fire District is commanded by a District Chief and also has a Deputy District Chief.

Battalion 25 is in District 4 and is under the command of Battalion Chief Murphy. A Battalion Chief commands an average of four Firehouses. Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 20 are part of Battalion 25.

Battalion 25


Firehouse 51

Firehouse 20

Battalion Chiefs

  • Wallace Boden (promoted to Deputy District Chief)
  • Pat Pridgen Battalion Chief (filled in when Boden's father died) (relieved of command)
  • Dallas Patterson Captain, Squad 3 (filled in while Boden defended his good name) (promoted to Battalion Chief and transferred to Firehouse 90)
  • Murphy Battalion Chief, Firehouse 19 (took over at Boden's promotion)

District Chiefs