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City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Battalion

The Chicago Fire Department is organized into 5 Districts, which command a total of 24 Battalions and a Special Operations Battalion. A Fire District is commanded by a District Chief and also has a Deputy District Chief.

Battalion 25 is under the command of Battalion Chief Wallace Boden. A Battalion Chief commands an average of four Firehouses. Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 20 are part of Battalion 25. The office of Battalion 25 is at Firehouse 51.

Battalion 25


Firehouse 51

Firehouse 20

Interim Battalion Chiefs

  • Pat Pridgen Battalion Chief (filled in when Boden's father died) (relieved of command)
  • Dallas Patterson Captain, Squad 3 (filled in while Boden defended his good name) (promoted to Battalion Chief and transferred to Firehouse 90)

District Chiefs