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Season: 2
Episode: 4
Original airdate: January 19, 2021
Written by: Spindrift Beck
Directed by: Deran Sarafian
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Deconflict
Next episode: The Line


The team searches for a young woman who is heading down a deadly path of vengeance, using ties to an online radical conspiracy organization to further her cause. Also, Barnes must make a life-changing decision, finding it hard to not let the dark side of her job affect her.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Gabrielle Walsh as Eva Martin
  • Fedna Jacquet as Charlotte Gaines
  • Brian McCarthy as Matthew Smit
  • Patrick Foley as Dennis Williams
  • Brian Anthony Wilson as James Martin
  • Sally Ann Stewart as Carol Martin
  • Marianne Noscheze as Liz Washburne
  • Lisa Hampton as Detective Susanne Smith


  • Erik Kochenberger as Yates Warren
  • Jahneer Williams as Michael
  • Kayla Wickes as Bethany Bilson
  • JT O’Connor as Dean Charles Ferrin
  • Raigan Olivia Newton as Anais Barnes-Gaines
  • Cameron Folmar as Councilman Peter Hunter
  • Matias Bonino as Manager
  • Constance Zaytoun as Faiza
  • Asha Etchison as Dara
  • Neal Mayer as Grayson Warren
  • Sam N. Hawkins as Guard
  • Graceann Dorse as Lucy Little
  • Zack Calhoon as Sal Little
  • Mick O’Rourke as Stanley Keel
  • Amir Carr as Stephen Martin


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