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51's Original Bell
Season: 8
Episode: 20
Original airdate: April 15, 2020
Written by: Matt Whitney
Directed by: Eric Laneuville
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Light Things Up
Next episode: Rattle Second City


When one of 51's own gets injured on a call, Lt. Severide becomes obsessed with helping out. Foster contemplates a big decision. Kidd is concerned for one of her high school trainees.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Anthony Ferraris as Squad 3 Driver Tony Ferraris
  • Jeff Diebold as Scott
  • Katelynn Shennett as Kylie Estevez
  • Frank Caeti as Bob Rezick
  • Kris Downing as Cody
  • Daris W. Bass as Marcell
  • Maurice D. Walls as Lot Worker
  • Geno Walker as Boswell
  • Jordan Wallace as Employee
  • Madelynn Stuenkel as Amanda
  • Lynne Baker as Board Member
  • Cynthia Clarey as Faculty Member
  • Bryanna Colon as Yvette


Background information and Notes


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