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21st District
Location: 949 West Maxwell Street
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Type: Police Station
Show(s): Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D.'s 21st District Police Station, or Maxwell Street Station in Chicago, Illinois, was built in 1888 in response to the need for increased police presence in "Bloody Maxwell", known colloquially as "the Wickedest Police District in the World." The neighborhood, a changing melting pot of Irish, German, Italian and European Jewish immigrants, grew mightily in the years following the Chicago Fire of 1871. The housing and sanitation situation in the district was substandard, and the residents poor. Criminal activity flourished.

Currently the Intelligence Unit and a Patrol Division are stationed there.

Known employees

Former employees

Chain of Command

  • District Commander Ron Perry 2014 (retired, later deceased)
  • District Commander Fischer 2014-2015 (transferred)
  • District Commander Emma Crowley 2015-2017 (transferred)
  • Bureau of Organized Crime Chief Lugo 2017
  • First Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan 2018-2019 (incarcerated for murder)
  • Superintendent of Police Brian Kelton 2019 (murdered)
  • Interim Superintendent of Police Jason Crawford 2019-2020
  • First Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller 2020-